Who is the sailor who appears on Player’s Navy Cut cigarette packets?

Area 4 History

Armed with fifteen minutes, Google and a good question Area 4 History invstigates.

This week we investigate the question, “Who is the sailor who appears on Player’s Navy Cut cigarette packets?”

Thomas Huntley Wood of HMS Edinburgh during the celebrations for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897.




Well, Player’s Cigarettes were one of two main employers in the area. Their ‘Navy Cut’ cigarettes were very popular choice, becoming the number one UK brand for a number of years. The term ‘Navy Cut’ refers to how RN sailors (19th and 20th centuary to 1953)  would wind twine around rolls of tobacco leaves allowing them to mature under compression, and then slice off the end shredding the tobacco.

The ‘Hero’ sailor used as a trade mark for the brand was modeled on Thomas Huntley Wood, a crewmember of HMS Edinburgh. The logos were developed for an advertising campaign in 1891 and trademarked in 1893.


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